Monday, August 19, 2013

I'M TIRED OF MS's SHIT! MS opened to eyes to what is truly important. Then again--it robbed me!

Angela Mayhew-Groves, Columnist,

MS has been a blessing and yet a curse at the same time.
MS opened to eyes to what is truly important.
Then again--it robbed me.

MS has ruined my life, my self reassurance and somewhat my self-esteem. MS makes things in my life not only physically, emotionally and mentally tiresome--but financially agonizing.

MS makes me even more emotional than I was before the lovely scars(lesions) on my poor delicate brain.

MS has taken my ability to keep up with others. MS has robbed my endurance. MS has given me mood swings that I cannot control. Nor can I prepare for them when they arrive and cannot always pin point the culprit of that mood.

MS has given me the life of a see saw. Ups and downs. Smiles and frowns. Good day and bad days. Sure this may sound cliche' and common. But one thing MS isn't --is common. MS is neither forgiving or compassionate. MS doesn't care if you have time for it or not. MS comes and goes whenever it pleases.

MS is like that annoying neighbor that just won't leave. MS is a frequent reminder that I am sick and my health will never be the same again. I don't want to feel anymore. I am tired of stressing out. I hate worrying about things I can or cannot control.
I hate that I 'care' what others are saying about me. I want to learn that NOT everyone feels like me and therefore they suck!

As one can see--I am not in my happy go lucky mood. In fact, I am in that sick and tired fucking kind of mood. I'm not really sure what exactly. But, if forced to answer--well I'd say everyone and everything. Yup! Everything is just rubbing me like the roughest sand paper on an open wound.
This too shall pass, but while it's here--I might as well get it all out.

You see I blame MS for this shitty attitude. I actually feel like I could slap someone in the face.

Preferably someone that deserves a good ass kicking.

Okay well I was just interrupted. My flow was ruined. LOL!

Aren't you lucky!