Monday, December 30, 2013

NO ONE GETS MS---UNTIL THEY "GET" MS! Therefore, if you don't have MS SHUT UP!

 Angela Mayhew-Groves, Columnist,

Oh, so you think all MS'ers can work?

I was talking to another MS'er today and we were discussing how non-mer's think that if one MS person is working then we all can.

They have this notion that because we don't appear 'sick' that we can work and function like everyone else. Well I got some news for you idiots! MS affects each and every MS person differently. The brain controls different functions of the body. Voluntary and Involuntary functions. With that being said, for you fuckers to make these assumptions about us goes to show us just how idiotic you people are. We want to let you all know that all of you can suck our asses! You judges know nothing! Heartless pricks! Learn about the disease before saying anything. And just because you may 'know' someone with MS working doesn't mean that ALL MS'ers can!


Therefore, if you don't have MS SHUT UP!

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How I Cope With My Shitty Days

Angela Mayhew-Groves, Columnist,

There are numerous ways I cope with my MS shitty days. All depends on my capabilities. I mean I'm always tired and feel run down, but my emotions play a huge role.

On the most part, I have a positive outlook on life. However, MS really can be a real motherfucker! One can only take so much before one snaps. You know?

With that being said, I have found numerous ways to help me through these shitty days. I enjoy listening to good music, writing, and watching movies. My kids and close friends help me to laugh. My kids and I play games and watch scary movies to help distract me.

Lastly, it helps me a lot to interact with others like myself. It feels comforting to me to be able to turn to Facebook for that extra and much needed support. For  one to know that they have others on this horrific yet comical ride with MS is just awesome. We are in this together my MS family and I thank you and Stan's Angels.

Much love.