Thursday, October 10, 2013

My current poison is Paxil! It makes me feel all dried up! I can't seem to cry anymore

MS and Antidepressants are two peas in a pod. MS is not only a cause of depression, but the disease modifying drugs are as well. That is if one chooses to take them. Me, on hand prefers not to take the DMD's. I mean who wants to fuck up their livers by taking these drugs in the hope your disease--which is slow already--doesn't get worse. I don't. MS gives us enough shit to worry about.

But, I want to focus on one things today--depression. 

Depression and MS is a given. So most of us are forced to take an antidepressant. Myself--I have been battling depression for a long time and have tried several prescriptions. My current poison is Paxil. That's right I said poison. I have been doing great except one thing.

The other day I was sharing with my friend Stan Swartz and The Angels--how I feel all dried up! I just can't seem to cry anymore. I mean I have certain things that make me emotional, but nothing like I use to before antidepressants. Shit! I can't even cry for myself anymore. So when I get upset about having MS--I just get pissed off and I can't cry! Like I said, "I'm all dried up!"