Monday, October 21, 2013

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My Column today is about a very personal and hurtful subject for me to talk about: BETRAYAL!

Wow! Where does one even begin with this topic? I mean—no one—absolutely no one wants to be betrayed by anyone. Especially—by ones own flesh and blood.

That’s right. My own father has betrayed me. There have been several occasions. And,each one hurt worse than the last one. He never seems to support me in any aspect of my life. He’s very critical of me. He is not perfect by any means. No one is! And, yet one would think he was the best person in the world. Talk about self confidence.

When I was diagnosed, I was married to my ex. We were having martial issues at the time. MS added more to the plate.

During that time, I was going to counseling. I went for 4 ½ years. Before and after diagnoses. After stressful thinking, weight loss, deep depression and sleep deprivation—I knew it was over. I never talked to my Mom or Dad about the struggles we were going through. I mean I didn't go into depth. Every marriage has their ups and downs. I didn't want to bother them with the details. It was our business. Right? Well—my ex didn't take things as well. It was like a see saw. One day he was okay with it –then the next day he wasn't.

One day my ex had taken my journal from my dresser. I was at work and he took it to my father! He felt the need to make me look like the bad guy--I assume.

My Dad immediately sided with my ex. He said I was just like my slut mother. My Dad told me to my face that I deserved to have MS.

 For one, I never cheated on my husband! NEVER! He was hurt and I am guessing wanted to have a ‘reason’ why I was leaving. There was no other man. I just wanted to go. That’s it! But, back to my father—he placed judgment on me. He automatically referred me to my mother. Didn't talk to me for 2 ½ years. I don’t want to say too much more. My life is like a fucking drama movie! Christ! All of that happened 2001. Things are different now. I am remarried. I have two kids. As for my Dad, I am once again not on talking terms with him. This time it’s the fucking evil step-monster of a bitch! That’s another story I will tell another day.